About Our Products

Our Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils


The blends are formulated from 100% pure Therapeutic Quality Essential Oils.


Fully Tested For Purity


All of our individual essential oils must undergo industry-recommended GC-MS quality testing to ensure their exact chemical composition. By utilizing the GC-MS test, we are able to guarantee the superiority and purity of our essential oils.


We're 100% organic, non-MLM, and one of very few companies that procures rigorous 3rd party testing to validate quality and efficacy. The company is focused on blends because our globally renowned aromatherapist can formulate the right synergy/ratio of oils for maximum impact.


Essential Oil GC-MS Reports


At Corporate Goddess we are serious about essential oil safety. That’s why GC-MS testing by independent labs has been done on all of our essential oils.  We continually test different oils to insure our suppliers are sticking to our standards. To ensure freshness we order our oils in small batches each week, usually a pound or less at a time. It would be cost prohibitive to supply batch specific GCMS Reports when buying in such small quantity.


All of our oils are bottled by hand with personal care and concern for every bottle of oil and every order.


Working with mid-sized and small-scale, artisanal distillers and suppliers around the world, we offer exquisite, therapeutic-quality essential oils and natural aromatic products which we strive to insure were produced in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.


Every customer is important to us, and we stand behind the quality of our oils with a guaranteed 100% refund of purchase price on almost anything that you buy from our company that does not meet your expectations.


All of the essential oils that go into our blends are sourced from sustainable, indigenous habitats and are held to a rigorous, self-imposed therapeutic standard:


All of our individual essential oils must be therapeutic quality, 100% natural, and organically grown or wild-crafted.