About Us

About Us

We need to have an honest conversation about corporate stress and its effect on women.

But you need help right now.

The power of the Corporate Goddess Essential Oil Blends & Products is that they can give you some immediate and much needed relief from work stress. anxiety and exhaustion. 

Essential oils can give you some space to breathe, think, sleep, relax, re-group and revive.

The Corporate Goddess Essential Oil Blends are specifically tailored for women by women.

Blends such as Headache, Focus, Energy, PMT, Confidence and Calm provide powerful, immediate and discrete relief in the office.

Blends such as Relax and Sleep can help when you desperately need to wind down. Best of all they are natural remedies and medication free.

Our diffusers are specifically tailored for discrete and effective use in the car, office or home.

We also have discrete and powerful roll on blends, great for just before office meetings and presentations.

We get it. We’ve been there.

Buy your blend now and breathe.