Boardroom Sorceress-The Corporate Goddess
Boardroom Sorceress-The Corporate Goddess
Boardroom Sorceress-The Corporate Goddess
Boardroom Sorceress-The Corporate Goddess

Boardroom Sorceress

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Do you dream of handling business teams smoothly and running office meetings flawlessly?

Then you know that these are not easy tasks.

Senior positions come with a lot responsibilities that go far beyond the work itself. Personalities, agendas, predispositions, inflexible points of view, all have to be dealt with when running a business. 

These responsibilities can bring their own form of stress and anxiety.

Do not let these issues hold you back from gaining that prestigious position and reputation as a super-performer.

The Boardroom Sorceress essential oil roll on blend is formulated specifically with the aim of helping women tasked with chairing meetings and handling personnel issues.

The blend works specifically with a woman's natural ability to read her surroundings. A power every woman possesses when she is calm and relaxed.

The ingredients of this product include:

  • Cedarwood: known to soothe body and mind.
  • Frankincense: induces a feeling of peace and satisfaction and helps reduce stress and anxiety. Known for awakening insight and introspection.
  • Jasmine: a natural antidepressant that has a soothing sedative affect on your body and mind. Calms your senses and relaxes your nerves.
  • Mandarin: a known tonic, it can boost the function of brain and creates synchronicity between the intuition and the mind.

    The blend enables women to tune in everything going on in their work space and business, an indispensable ability for the Boardroom Sorceress. 

    The blend is specifically formulated as a roll on so that it can be applied discretely to the pulse points in the office and before meetings as required. 

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