The Deperfector-The Corporate Goddess
The Deperfector-The Corporate Goddess
The Deperfector-The Corporate Goddess
The Deperfector-The Corporate Goddess

The Deperfector

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As its name sounds, the Deperfector helps you being anything but perfect. A lot of women possess perfectionism. While it sounds amazing to crave for perfection and you might think it’s a quality you might possess since it makes you better and better, the reality of pursuing perfection all the time can be pretty handful.

Women with perfectionism can’t help but have a finical mindest. Because of this, it is almost impossible for them to relax and let go. It leads you towards overthinking. In control issues, it is not control that women yearn for, it is the reassurance they want to achieve. When you have such issues it is not easy to stay stress-free while someone else is in control.

This product, the Deperfector essential oil roll on blend is made for women who possess perfectionism and control issues.

The ingredients of it include

  • Cedarwood, extracted from Cedar wood tree, has a soothing sedative effect on the mind
  • Myrrh, a natural resin extracted from various thorny tree species, is a powerful antioxidant
  • The root of perennial bunchgrass called Vetiver helps in grounding

The ingredients used in this help you detoxify and flush out stress, doubt and other factors which makes you stuck in the misery and stress  of trying to constantly attain perfection.

The Deperfector essential oil roll on  is perfectly tailored to

  • root and ground you
  • help you calm and relax
  • relive you from anxiety and tension
  • help sleep better at night
  • provide relief from headaches
  • curb out the feeling of restlessness
  • resto re your mental health.


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