The Keynote Speaker-The Corporate Goddess
The Keynote Speaker-The Corporate Goddess
The Keynote Speaker-The Corporate Goddess
The Keynote Speaker-The Corporate Goddess

The Keynote Speaker

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You wake up with an awful feeling in the pit of your stomach.

And then you remember - today's the day you have to give a presentation. 

Throughout the day that awful feeling doesn't go away.

You can't get anything else done or focus on any task as you stress about that presentation.

Your hands get more and more clammy, you feel lightheaded and unable to concentrate.

Feelings of nervousness aren’t uncommon and pretty much everyone has experienced it several times. Cold sweat, jitters, trembles, impatience, unable to think, to focus..

The Keynote speaker essential oil has been blended to deal with those issues.

It is for women who need to get into a confident and articulate frame of mind quickly and efficiently. 

Essential oils work directly and powerfully with the nervous system allowing you to calm down and tune in with laser sharp focus and articulate clearly what you need to communicate in meetings and presentations. 

Essential oils in The Keynote Speaker include:

  • Clary sage: anti-anxiety and sedative, it is very helpful in handling insecurity and nerves. 
  • Lavender: has a proven ability to relieve emotional stress, headache and depression. It is extremely calming and relieves nervous exhaustion and restlessness.
  • Palmarosa: relaxes the nerves and muscles. fights anxiety, fatigue and depression and uplifts your spirit.

The Keynote Speaker has been blended as a Roll On Blend that can be applied discretely to your pulse points when you need it and fits easily and subtly into any handbag, wallet or pocket.

Don't let nerves hold you back from communicating with people and presenting yourself well. Stop overthinking, anxiety and stress by trying the Keynote Speaker today.


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