Transform Your Life and Health in Three Steps with Essential Oils-The Corporate Goddess

Transform Your Life and Health in Three Steps with Essential Oils

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Three Step Aroma Alchemy Online Course
Transform Your Life and Health in Three Steps with Essential Oils

And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.

Mark Anthony


Your mind, your health and your body are telling you that something needs to change, and change now.

You know it is time to pivot, move direction, re-think, re-group, transform.

But you are just so tired.

Right now what you need is energy and space to breathe, to think.

This course will help you create that space.

Essential oils will leave you feeling better, calmer, more energised, focused and more in control.

You are a strong, clear thinker and given time, space and good health you can figure your next steps out. This course will help give you that.

How? The course is made up of 3 straightforward modules, built specifically for the business woman who is checklist rich and time poor. The entire course can be completed in under 2 hours or used as a quick reference point whenever you need something.

Module 1: the essential oils you need for any issue you are dealing.

Health issues, energy, focus, libido, whatever you are struggling with, we have an essential oil ready to immediately help you out.

Module 2: any accessories you need and how to use them. Inhalers, roll ons, diffusers for the home, car and office, all with instructions on what they are, how to use them and all with clickable links to resources so that you can order everything you need in minutes.

Module 3: the quick and easy blends that can all be made simply and quickly in less than 15 minutes.

Diffuser blends to change up the atmosphere in the home, car or office. Whether it is an energised, focused, calming or beautiful sensual space you need to create quickly, we’ve got you covered.

Blends specifically tailored for discrete use in the office as roll ons or inhalers.

Sensuous body butters and lotions recipes - calorie free cooking promoting you from Domestic Goddess to High Priestess in minutes.


With no less than 6 Bonuses and a Special Student 35% discount on all Corporate Goddess products.

You are a Business Queen, you have problem solved for your clients day after day,

It is time to make yourself the client. Let this course allow you to make transforming your life your next big project.

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